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Regular Submission Abstract Categories:

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Aging & Chronic Disease
5000 – ASN         Nutrient Needs and Impact on Aging and Health (New!)
5001 – ASN         Nutritional Assessment in Older Adults and Populations (New!)
5002 – ASN         Nutrition and Cardiometabolic Health (New!)
5003 – ASN         Nutrition and Musculoskeletal Health (New!)
5004 – ASN         Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Health (New!)
5005 – ASN         Nutrition Across the Lifespan: Nutrition, Neurobiology, Mood and Behavior (Co-sponsor: Aging/Obesity/Nutrition Trans.)
Community and Public Health Nutrition
5020 – ASN         Community and Public Health Nutrition Interventions
5021 – ASN         Food Security and Its Connections to Nutrition and Health
5022 – ASN         Health Disparities and Promoting Health in Diverse Populations (Co-sponsor: Minority Affairs Committee)
5023 – ASN         Food Environment
5024 – ASN         Policy and Systems Approaches in Community and Public Health Nutrition
5030 – ASN         Carotenoids and Health
5031 – ASN         Carotenoids and Retinoids: Molecular Mechanisms of Action
5032 – ASN         Bioavailability and Metabolism of Carotenoids and Vitamin A
5033 – ASN         Biofortification of Staple Crops with Micronutrients

Diet and Cancer 
5040 – ASN         Diet and Cancer: Molecular Targets
5041 – ASN         Diet and Cancer: Animal Studies
5042 – ASN         Diet and Cancer: Clinical and Human Studies
Dietary Bioactive Components
5060 – ASN         Bioavailability, Metabolism and Biomarkers of Dietary Bioactive Components
5061 – ASN         Mechanisms of Action and Molecular Targets of Dietary Bioactive Components
5062 – ASN         Effects of Dietary Bioactive Components on Experimental Models of Chronic Disease Risk
5063 – ASN         Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Dietary Bioactive Components
5064 – ASN         Cardiovascular Effects of Dietary Bioactive Components
5065 – ASN         Dietary Bioactive Components of Medicinal, Functional and Whole Foods (including Probiotics and Fermented Foods)
Energy and Macronutrient Metabolism
5080 – ASN         Energy Balance, Macronutrients and Weight Management
5081 – ASN         Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome (Co-sponsor:  Obesity RIS)
5082 – ASN         Protein and Amino Acid Metabolism
5083 – ASN         Lipid and Fatty Acid Metabolism and Transport
5084 – ASN         Energy and Macronutrient Metabolism and the Gut
5085 – ASN         Metabolic Phenotyping, Metabolomics and Biomarkers
5086 – ASN         Carbohydrate Metabolism
5087 – ASN         Diet and/or Exercise Regulation of Food Intake (Co-sponsor: Obesity RIS)
5088 – ASN         Energy Metabolism and Aging (Co-sponsor:  Aging and Chronic Disease RIS)
5089 – ASN         Dietary Fatty Acids and Health
5090 – ASN         Protein Intake and Health Implications

Experimental Animal Nutrition
5100 – ASN         Animal Models of Fetal Nutrition, Programming and Neonatal Development
5101 – ASN         Comparative Animal Nutrition and Physiology
5102 – ASN         Animal Models of Nutrition and Disease
5103 – ASN         Animal Models for Nutrition across Physiological States
Maternal, Perinatal & Pediatric Nutrition (including Lactation)
5120 – ASN         Relationships of Maternal Diet and Health to Lactation Performance and Infant Health
5121 – ASN         Predictors of Lactation Initiation and Duration; and Interventions to Improve Lactation Success
5122 – ASN         Bioactive Components and Other Milk Constituents and Their Effect on the Infant
5123 – ASN         Biology of Lactogenesis, Lactation and Milk Composition
5124 – ASN         Early Childhood Nutrition (New!)
5125 – ASN         Feeding Behavior of the Mother, Infant, and Other Caregivers on Health and Disease Prevention (New!)
5126 – ASN         Mechanisms and Tools to Assess How Nutrition Affects Physical Growth (linear and body composition) (New!)
5127 – ASN         Developmental Changes, Nutrient Requirements and Nutrient Assessment (maternal/fetal exchange, nutritional needs of preterm infants, etc) (New!)
5128 – ASN         Nutritional Care of Preterm Infants (New!)
5129 – ASN         Nutrition and Physical/Intellectual Disabilities (New!)
5130 – ASN         Prenatal Nutrient Programming in Humans

Global Nutrition
5140 – ASN         Linear Growth and Growth Failure from Conception to Adulthood (New!)
5141 – ASN         Improving the Diets of Vulnerable Populations (New!)
5142 – ASN         Obesity, Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and the Nutrition Transition (New!)
5143 – ASN         Measuring and Improving Micronutrient Status (New!)
5144 – ASN         Nutrition, Infection and Inflammation (New!)
5145 – ASN         Measuring and Improving the Effectiveness of Nutrition Programs  (New!)
5146 – ASN         Nutrition-Sensitive Programs (New!)
5147 – ASN         Global Nutrition

Medical Nutrition
5200 – ASN         Personalized Nutrition
5201 – ASN         Nutrition and the Microbiome
5202 – ASN         Interventions for the Treatment and Prevention of Nutrition-Related Diseases
5203 – ASN         Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism (New!)

Nutrition Education and Behavioral Science
5210 – ASN         Evidence-Based Nutrition Education:  Development, Testing, and Evaluation
5211 – ASN         Nutrition Education and Behavior Change
5212 – ASN         Childhood Obesity Prevention
5213 – ASN         Developing Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Behaviors Across the Lifespan
Nutrient-Gene Interactions
5220 – ASN         Genomics, Proteomics, and Metabolomics (New!)
5222 – ASN         Epigenetics (New!)
5223 – ASN         Chronic Disease, Obesity and Inflammation (New!)
5224 – ASN         Bioactives, Biomarkers and Exercise (New!)

Nutritional Epidemiology
5230 – ASN         Innovation and Validation of Dietary Assessment Tools and Their Applications
5231 – ASN         Epidemiological Research Addressing Diet and Health Outcomes
5232 – ASN         Nutrition and Chronic Disease Epidemiology
5233 – ASN         Research with Dietary Supplements and Bioactive Components
5234 – ASN         Advancing Nutritional Epidemiology with Public Use and Commercial Data Sets
5235 – ASN         Epidemiologic Methods in Examining Health Outcomes in Diverse Populations (Co-sponsor: Minority Affairs Committee)
5236 – ASN         Exploring Geographic Based Methods in Nutrition Epidemiological Research
Nutritional Immunology and Inflammation
5240 – ASN         Nutritional Immunology and Inflammation (New!)
5241 – ASN         Nutrition and Infection

Nutrition Translation
5250 – ASN         Food Science and Technology in Nutrition
5252 – ASN         Nutrition Science for Public Policy, Practice and the Consumer
5260 – ASN         Diet, Devices, Medications and Surgery
5261 – ASN         Gut Microbiome and Obesity
5262 – ASN         Chronic Diseases and Obesity
5263 – ASN         Macronutrients and Obesity
5264 – ASN         Body Composition
5265 – ASN         Childhood Obesity Management

Vitamins and Minerals
5280 – ASN         Water and Fat Soluble Vitamins and Chronic Disease
5281 – ASN         Micronutrient Bioavailability and Antioxidant Function
5282 – ASN         Zinc
5283 – ASN         Selenium
5284 – ASN         B Vitamins and One-Carbon Metabolism
5285 – ASN         Micronutrient Interventions
5286 – ASN         Trace Element Transport and Homeostasis in Health and Disease
Sports Nutrition
5300 – ASN         Nutrition, Dietary Supplements and Human Performance
5310 – ASN         Dairy and Yogurt: Health and Nutrition Effects
5311 – ASN         Pulse Nutrition and Health (Dried Beans, Peas, Lentils, Chickpeas)  (New!)

5315 – ASN         Nutrition and Agronomy (New!)
5316 – ASN         Factors Influencing Long-term Economic/Environmental Sustainability of the Food Supply (New!)
Education and Teaching
5320 – ASN         Nutrition Education in Medical and Other Professional Schools
5321 – ASN         Nutrition Education for Practicing Clinicians
5322 – ASN         Innovations in Undergraduate and Graduate Nutrition Education (Sponsor:  Assoc. of Nutrition Departments and Programs)
5350 – ASN         Innovations in Nutrition Monitoring
5351 – ASN         Nutrition Policy Implementation and Evaluation
5352 – ASN         Nutrition Programs and Policies to Improve the Health of Subpopulations (i.e., Children, Older Adults, Minorities) (Co-sponsor:  Aging, Comm and Public Health, and Public Policy Committee)
5353 – ASN         Public-Private Partnerships


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